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Hyblaean Mountains Trekking - Baroque Architecture, Art and Culture - Sicily


Hyblaean Mountains Trekking - Baroque Architecture, Art and Culture - Sicily
Hyblaean Mountains Trekking - Baroque Architecture, Art and Culture - Sicily
Domenica, 20 Ottobre 2019 - Sabato, 26 Ottobre 2019


Date 20 - 26 October 2019
The Hyblaean Mountains are a Sicilian mountain range of stunning natural beauty thanks to their caves, gorges and canyons created and shaped by ancient rivers. Because of the fertility of the area and the natural protection the mountains offered to the local population, the Hyblaean Mountains were inhabited since prehistorical times. Today, the villages on this territory emanate a unique graceful charm, with their rich baroque churches and palaces. You wouldn’t see time go while exploring the rural houses and buildings in Pantalica or losing yourself among the historical alleyways of Modica. In the farmyards, it is still possible to eat freshly made ricotta cheese or pick a carob from a tree.
Our language tour combines more formal Italian language classes with guided, contextualised use of the language against a unique backdrop of natural and manmade wonders. An ideal cultural trip to combine Italian language learning with carefree, relaxing walks through amazing landscapes and villages. Throughout the trip and during the walks you will be able to interact in Italian with the locals, the tour guides and your course teacher, who will participate in all the activities listed in the programme. This will give you the chance to practice your Italian and receive encouragement, clarification and feedback even outside the classroom. Moreover, our classes take inspiration from and seamlessly blend with the authentic cultural experience that the different locations and tours offer. 

Learning won’t stop when classes end but you will be too busy enjoying yourself to notice! 

Groups will be formed according to language proficiency levels so that each language course offered in these packets will be tailored to specific language targets.
Our lessons will focus on oral practice and interaction and they have a strong connection with cultural aspects of the places where the course takes place and with our cultural and naturalistic trips. Learning doesn't stop when classes end but you'll be too busy enjoying yourself to notice! :-)
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