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Language Tour of the Itria Vally and Salento - Puglia


Language Tour of the Itria Vally and Salento - Puglia
Language Tour of the Itria Vally and Salento - Puglia
Domenica, 8 Settembre 2019 - Domenica, 15 Settembre 2019


Date 08 - 15 September 2019
Puglia is a beautiful region, a bridge between East and West, a land of amazingly diverse landscapes, rich flavours and unique colours. Our Italian language course will take place in Salento, one of the most popular locations in the Puglia region, an area that extends from Lecce to the heel of Italy and the Itria Valley – characterised by white towns and the traditional “trulli” – old buildings listed among UNESCO World Heritage treasures. We will journey through landscapes bathed in white, immerse ourselves in a mixture of different cultures and sample delicious traditional local food. 

Learning won’t stop when classes end but you will be too busy enjoying yourself to notice! 

Groups will be formed according to language proficiency levels so that each language course offered in these packets will be tailored to specific language targets.
Our lessons will focus on oral practice and interaction and they have a strong connection with cultural aspects of the places where the course takes place and with our cultural and naturalistic trips. Learning doesn't stop when classes end but you'll be too busy enjoying yourself to notice! :-)
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